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our story

Growing up, my mother made a lot of musubis for my family and I. She used to make it for my after school many times as a snack. It was more than just a food to me; it became part of my childhood.

Since moving away from my parents, I have always missed my mother's home cooked meals, but the one food that I really started to crave was that mouth watering musubi that mama used to make. One day in June 2017, I was once again craving musubi; however, my mother wasn't around to make any, and I couldn't find a good musbui place in the area. Since I have always had experience growing up helping out in the kitchen, I decided to make musubi for myself and friends. All of a sudden I had an epiphany. I came up with a brilliant idea to bring the love I have for musubi to not only my friends, but to everyone in the DMV area!

Coming from a Korean background, I added my own twist to musubi making. Lei Musubi is my take on musubis with more flavor, more texture, and more variety. I started trying out different ingredients to put in musubi, and just like that, The OG was created. I continue to test the waters and go outside of the comfort zone of the traditional Hawaiian spam musubi. I believe that musubi should be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are a spam-loving meat eater or a true vegetarian at heart. 


I would like to give everyone the experience of trying 


I am excited to have introduced many people so far to my take on musubi. I love hearing how people have enjoyed them so far.